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Cremator – Destination Boulevard

Cremator is a band you may not know about, but a band you certainly should get to know. Matt Thompson is the brainchild behind the synth-fueled epic songs that in turn is an incredible and fascinating homage to the foundational work of the '70s analog movement, as well as cool

Tullycraft, Still Happy After All Of These Years

In 1995, a little known band came out of nowhere and infected the Seattle music landscape with their glistening pop and charming songs. The Northwest quickly took noticed and these infectious songs became well sought out. Considered the forefathers of the twee movement, Tullycraft released Old Traditions, New Standards and City of

A Quick Word with Hank & Cupcakes

Brooklyn-based Hank & Cupcakes recently made a stop through Indy a few months back to show off their glitzy and shimmering pop with an alternative reality in mind. You experience the video for "Sweet Potion," like you do a psychedelic drug. You embrace it's strangeness while the end result is

Avan Lava Wants 2 Bring the Energy To U

The folks that make up the group AVAN LAVA have been on a nonstop party and a consistent tour schedule, playing specialty events, the occasional gig and rolling on the surprising wave of a mere EP released February 2012. Flex Fantasy showed that this New York synth-pop group was gleaming with

No Rules: The Life of Seizure Crypt

Since 2004, Seizure Crypt has been tearing up the New York hardcore scene with their sincere DIY ethics and impressive array of East Coast power and New York grit. With their latest release You've Been Had, the band pushes their sound farther despite various circumstances. It all finally came together to

The 4onthefloor

That classic beat. The four on the floor. The rally call for rebellion and the pulse of every great rock song. For this Minneapolis band, every song carries the heartbeat of rock and roll. It's such a vital identity for this band that every member gets its power through a

Video Premiere: Columboid’s Juicy Mode

Almost three years after We Were One, Columboid is back with a sophomore release, Monster Vision, on La Societe Expeditionnaire. With the upcoming album, due out in June, the group expands on their gritty demeanor and treats Monster Vision like it is a call to arms. A play on emotions of inner nature versus external forces

Candlebox, 20 Years After

Currently supporting their 2012 album Love Stories & Other Musings, Candlebox will make a stop at The Vogue Theatre on February 5. Candlebox has had such a storied yet unconventional career thus far. Whether deliberate on their part or not, Candlebox was hoodwinked and thrust into the audacious grunge grind of the time.

Solar Maximum, A Conversation with Majeure

Listening to Majeure, it conjures up the wondrous ghosts of '70s ambient composers and '80s analog soundtracks. Lesser known as A.E. Paterra and more prominently known as one half the duo Zombi, Paterra has made a name for himself and his contributions to ambient analog culture, a sub genre that