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Brainchai/Ilkae – Athena (Field Hymns)

brainchai, ilkae, athena, selective memory

A rarity for the Field Hymn universe, the label brought together Eirik Suhrke (better known as Brainchai), and Aaron Munson (also more aptly known as Ilkae) together to release a split release titled Athena.   Link: Field Hymns The two musicians work well together and blend nicely into one complete package. Brainchai is

Conrad Wedde – Space World (Field Hymns)

Conrad Wedde, Spaceworld, Field Hymns, Selective Memory

With nanotechnology, technological singularity, and super artificial intelligence being discussed in daunting measures, it’s hard not to conceptualize a future world without extreme ideas. But for Conrad Wedde and his Space World composition, Wedde has a more delicate viewpoint to the balance of science fiction ideals.   Links: Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Recorded in a tiny room

Cremator – Destination Boulevard

Cremator is a band you may not know about, but a band you certainly should get to know. Matt Thompson is the brainchild behind the synth-fueled epic songs that in turn is an incredible and fascinating homage to the foundational work of the '70s analog movement, as well as cool

Bastian Void – Fluorescent Bells (Field Hymns)

Bastian Void analog synth selective memory

Bastian Void is an analog synth fans futuristic dream Fluorescent Bells is the perfect sound for a cassette affair. One half charming and the other naturalist intriguing, both go hand in hand when listening to Bastian Void. It's like being transfixed into the minds of our own universe. An analog thought