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We Ride – Empowering Life (Victory Records)

We Ride on Selective Memory

We Ride makes hardcore music great again You have to go out of the country to discover one of the more powerful hardcore acts of our century. We Ride incorporates the east coast hardcore fervor with the spirit of punk rock rage. What results is Empowering Life. The band began when vocalist

Church Tongue – Acid Jesus

Church Tongue on Selective Memory Indianapolis-based hardcore powerhouse Church Tongue releases video for "Acid Jesus" Still steaming with energy from their 2016 release Heart Failure, out on Blood & Ink, the group releases their latest intense video for "Acid Jesus." Vocalist Michael Sugars recently spoke to Revolver Magazine about the song and the near-death experience that became the

Darko – Hiraeth

Darko on Selective Memory Darko releases new single for upcoming album Darko releases Bonsai Mammoth, February 3 via Bird Attack Records in the United States, Lockjaw Records in the United Kingdom, and Torch Of Hope in Japan. Get ready for the roar because the group just released a video for “Hiraeth.” The video features the group in their raw

Music Review: Victims – Sirens (Tankcrimes)

Victims makes albums as if each one is the last one they will ever do. The energy and power that is backed by this massive hardcore unit is monstrous. This sixth release is as raw and abrasive as when they began. Maybe more seasoned and experienced at this point, it

Music Review: Left Behind – Seeing Hell (Unbeaten Records)

Left Behind’s new release explores the depths of intensity through the lens of an immediate and live-like reactionary cerebral response. This album presents nothing more than a gale force of intense streamlined sludge metal and hardcore as furious as you can imagine it to be All this drives creativity for

CDC – End (Get It Right Records)

CDC, End, Selective Memory

End is the effects of a band who has poured blood and sweat into their DIY ethos and churned out East Coast blue collar ethics when it comes to hardcore. Not seeing an album from the band since 2009, the trajectory of End is more of a new beginning for

The New Hardcore Dynasty – An interview with Empire of Rats

Empire of Rats (

Columbus, Ohio, seems like an unlikely place for a hardcore punk band with more fury than most East Coast muscle.  The power this band emits from their self-titled album released last fall on A389 to the uber-energetic live shows, you cannot deny their integrity. I had a chance to talk to

Empire of Rats (

Empire of Rats have been on a furious roll lately. A successful line up of shows in support of their album, it all has been dominantly positive in the hardcore punk-o-sphere. The album, released on A389 Records, is as blue collar as anything you would hear come from the East