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Pop Evil Levels Up at Old National

Pop Evil, Badflower and Eyes on Fire performed at Old National Centre in Indianapolis The Noise and Dahlia Presents brought Pop Evil, Badflower, and Eyes on Fire (photos and interview of Eyes on Fire to come) to a rock hungry crowd. The night and sweaty became synonymous at Deluxe. Still floating

Transforming Metal with God Am

God Am on Selective Memory

God Am will perform at the 5th Quarter on March 3 with Bionic Monks, Static Tension and Minus Blindfold As February transforms into March, God Am returns with their first show of 2017. And what a better place to reverberate their hard and heavy sound than at Indy’s 5th Quarter Lounge.

Queensrÿche—Condition LIVE!

Queensrÿche is no stranger to performing stellar concerts in Indianapolis. The band first came to Indianapolis playing Market Square Arena, December 2, 1984 for The Warning Tour. Bypassing the city for the Rage For Order Tour, they returned November 24, 1988 to perform Operation: Mindcrime, again at Market Square Arena with a final trip to MSA

Metal Mayhem: A Closer Look into the World of Catalytic

dustin chavez, catalytic, selective memory

Since the addition of Derek Ware on bass and drummer Jeremy McCombs, Catalytic has been a steam engine sweating power and devotion through countless practice sessions and weekly gigs throughout the city. And no matter if they are amongst their peers, their fans, or themselves, they pour 110% into the

Catalytic Takes Over Selective Memory!

As we rush in the Autumn of 2015, Selective Memory is having the guys in Indianapolis metal band Catalytic take over our website. Look forward to the next three weeks of videos, music, words, and all kinds of shenanigans. But for now, get ready and learn more about this amazing

Bobaflex Rocks the 5th Quarter

bobaflex, selective memory, brad flynn They have been called the hardest working band in the country and on July 19 in Indianapolis Shaun McCoy, Marty McCoy, Dave Tipple, Tommy Johnson and Jymmy Tolland, otherwise known as Bobaflex, proved why they have earned that designation. From the time they arrived at the 5th Quarter, I don't