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New Music by The Courtneys

The Courtneys on Selective Memory

To all the daydreamers out there, The Courtneys sign to Flying Nun and give you “Silver Velvet.” The big news in the Courtneys camp is that the group announces their affiliation to Flying Nun Records. This is a step up from their 2013 debut release on Hockey Dad Records. In addition, the

Friday Night Video: We Are Scientists – Buckle Everyone should experience a pie to the face once in their life, but the chaos that endures on We Are Scientists' latest video for "Buckle" goes above and beyond. We are familiar with We Are Scientist excellence for great pop rock, but "Buckle," off of their latest album Helter Skelter (100% Records)

New Music: Stephen Steinbrink – Absent Mind Sometimes you just need to walk away from the grit and appreciate a well-crafted slick-toned song like Stephen Steinbrink's "Absent Mind." The first single off of his upcoming eighth album Anagrams (due out July 1 on Melodic Records), on the forefront, "Absent Mind" showcases Steinbrink as a master songsmith, crafting simplistic value

New Music: Erin Tobey – I’m Young Recorded at Russian Recordings, Erin Tobey considers Bloomington, Indiana, her home being in the Big Ten city for over a decade now. The casualness of the city reflects on "I'm Young," a floating rhythmic pulse that leisurely makes its way through the song. All of this is part of Middlemaze, due out

New Music: Mike Adams at his Honest Weight – Bronze Worlds Getting a glimpse into Mike Adams at His Honest Weight's opener to their upcoming album Casino Drone, due May 20 on Joyful Noise, what we get is that signature dreamy pop we embellished in during the '90s Southern Indiana indie pop craze. Be it a walk down Kirkwood in Bloomington or

Friday Night Video: Twin River – Antony Vancouver, BC's Twin River recently announced the release of their upcoming album, Passing Shade, slated for a June 17th release via Light Organ Records. Link: Twin River on Facebook As "Antony" projects, the song accentuates movement and form as the band spirals layered sound that becomes a jovial and free-spirited whirlwind within

New Music: Risley – Kill The Clock I love the guitars in this song! It’s that eclectic pop hook that keeps recurring throughout. The guitar sonics are amped to where you can rock out to it but it's never overbearing It’s not an attractive hook as a few notes get bent out of shape and contorted but

New Music: Quilt – Roller Quilt’s latest single and the final song to be recorded for their upcoming album Plaza, due out February 26 on Mexican Summer, is a paddle wheel effect of a pop song. The way the guitars and melodies become mechanical and Anna Fox Rochinski’s effortless vocals convey more power than the

Tangerine – Tender Anything with the name Tangerine is automatically better. That is the entire reason that the Flaming Lips song made it so big, they plopped down some verbage about tangerines and, boom, instant hit. Links: Official Site Facebook Twitter Why wouldn’t you name your band after some of the brightest, most jovial fruit in the spectrum.