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WSTR – SKRWD (No Sleep Records)

WSTR, selective memory

A large portion of the human race embellishes in the same daily ritual. We wake up. We get ready. We go to work. We come home. We try to make ends meet. We rinse and repeat. Historically, it has been the natural trend of life for millenniums, and some people

Rocky Votolato – Hospital Handshakes (No Sleep Records)

rocky votolato, hospital handshakes, selective memory

An album with a title that bears more resemblance to a The Weakerthans album than within the continuum of Rocky Votolato's discography, the title has more meaning to the status of Votolato’s career than anything else he has conceptualized. And it is worth mentioning because the history of the early 2010s

Major League Keeps Trekking On

Major League (

Major League has been in a perpetual touring phase. Since last years release of Hard Feelings (No Sleep Records), they have been non-stop touring machines. During this time, this pop-punk work horse has shown their badges of merit in the punk community, engaging fans and showing people the energy and affection

Maps For Travelers – Change Your Name (No Sleep Records)

  As this band notates, Change Your Name is a culmination of the band’s past all colliding into one. It seems like a logical explanation as every band to some extent has their past influences and experiences colliding into one to form a new dimension and direction. This collision builds integrity for Map