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Review: Chris Hunt – Tomb (Psych Army Intergalactic)

chris hunt, tomb

Maybe it’s because I have been listening to too much Synthwave and Majeure lately, but Tomb is not what I expected. With Chris Hunt’s participation in Cloudeater, the progression I predicted seemed to lean more towards a more solemn approach. But this is not the case. Link: Bandcamp Tomb is an ominous

The Color of Noise – A Film About the Artist Haze XXL and His Notorious Record Label Amphetamine Reptile Records (Rebellion Films/MVD Visual)

If you had any part in the ‘90s alternative music scene, Amphetamine Reptile Records was no stranger to your collection. Much like other label revolutionaries of the time (Sub Pop, Wax Trax!, Alternative Tentacles, Lookout!, Merge, and Touch and Go, to name a few), Amphetamine Reptile Records (or AmRep) was

Haikai No Ku – Temporary Infinity (Box Records)

Listening to Haikai No Ku is like drinking one too many extra punchant pints of IPA—a little strong in flavor at first, then numbing to the senses and only ending in some kind of blurred effect that construes the outcome. Links: Bandcamp Facebook Temporary Infinity, the third release from this Newcastle, UK, noise-psych band is a