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White Poppy – White Poppy (Not Not Fun)

I have to give a lot of credit to the bass work on this album as it dominates the entire vibe of White Poppy’s self-titled release. Between that and Crystal Dorval’s haunting dreampop wavering. Tribal in some elements, transcendental in others, the end goal is meditative bliss. What planet are you from

Xander Harris: The New Dark Age of Love

  There is something in Xander Harris’ modus operandi that is exquisite yet strange. Never have I profused such love over an analog album like this. Foregoing his horror-bent soundtrack efforts of the past, he subsides for neon glow and metallic prowess. “Night Fortress” is the open air that slams into your

Jonas Reinhardt: Mask of the Maker

Upon first listen of this great album, I am immediately reminded of the synthetic orchestral soundscapes of 70’s through early 90’s Tangerine Dream crossed with the late 90’s ambient music of Future Sounds of London. I am a huge fan of both artist's music so when I listened to Mask