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Seasons After-Weathered, Worn and Back!

kyle Herbert, tony house, seasons after, brad flynn, selective memory, It has been a while since I have trekked over to Dayton for a show, but as soon as I found out Seasons After would be playing Oddbody's (formerly McGuffey's) on June 5 I knew there was no way I was going to miss them. Shortly after I discovered Seasons

The New Hardcore Dynasty – An interview with Empire of Rats

Empire of Rats (

Columbus, Ohio, seems like an unlikely place for a hardcore punk band with more fury than most East Coast muscle.  The power this band emits from their self-titled album released last fall on A389 to the uber-energetic live shows, you cannot deny their integrity. I had a chance to talk to

Empire of Rats (

Empire of Rats have been on a furious roll lately. A successful line up of shows in support of their album, it all has been dominantly positive in the hardcore punk-o-sphere. The album, released on A389 Records, is as blue collar as anything you would hear come from the East

Fozzy Spins a Web of Metal Mayhem in Dayton

Suddenly swallowed in darkness, a chillingly perverse childlike voice recites an altered version of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" as a foggy haze fills the air and you get the feeling you have when you are in some wickedly bizarre dream or even that of the nightmare you had as a