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LeRiche Relives a Flood of Memories on new song

LeRiche River Runs ★★★★ We are getting a little tired of the hurricanes, the mass flooding, and the devastation. Right now a Category 4 hurricane rips through Puerto Rico, resurfacing emotions and anxiety amongst the island’s residents that forces the world to watch and interpret scenarios with their personal perspective or experience. Le

Heliotropes – Over There That Way (The End Records)


Numsuwankijkul gets lost in time with Heliotropes new album Jessica Numsuwankijkul returns with what may be one of the most poignant social statements of our times. Finally, someone tackles the current socio-political landscape that music so often ignores today. And Numsuwankijkul is elegant in her lyrical duality to create an instant classic. “War

Friday Night Video: New Madrid – Don’t Hold Me Now New Madrid's "Don't Hold Me Now" is a vibration back to an imperfect technical world filled with the glitch and the scratch. Futurist tracers fill the void as this band builds a psychedelic pop premise that is slightly askew. The video is hypnotic to say the least in the same