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The Obsessed – Sacred (Relapse Records)

The Obsessed on Selective Memory

The Obsessed return with their best album to date. Sacred is an iconic metal album The Obsessed are back with a heavy hitter on Relapse Records. Sacred is a release that is intensely engaging. Permeated in an intense rock culture that summons the work of psychedelic and doom this album is

The Pinnacle of Sludge Metal with -(16)-‘s latest release


A Look at sludge metal band -(16)-'s Lifespan of a Moth (Relapse Records) Through the good part of the early-to-mid ‘90s, the underground sludge/death scene was littered with mail order handmade flyers that often time got littered with the zine scene. Pre-public explosion of the Internet, it was our way of

Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse Records)

windhand, selective memory

Grief’s Infernal Flower immediately proves that this album is better than 90% of anything released in the grunge and hard rock scene of the ‘90s. It’s too bad this album was not released then because it would have reached legendary status by now. It helps that Jack Endino who worked

Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica (Relapse Records)

Nux Vomica (

Just the name alone presents a vile sense of regurgitory reaction. The more you let that name sink in, the more you realize just how horrid it represents. I can think of two words that would be worse: Black Plague. Nux Vomica gives us a dose of reality of a modern

Indian – From All Purity (Relapse Records)

Indian - From All Purity (Selective Memory -

These Chicago doommakers not only blend bone-crushing apocalyptic sneer, they bleed it through a strainer of extreme noise that is as enjoyable as a mass of paper cuts on your tongue. My cats are even concerned by the estranged sounds coming out of these speakers. “Rape” is appropriately named because there