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Friday Night Video: Damien Jurado – Exit 353 Damien Jurado is not shy to cinematic videos. “Exit 353” lives up to the Jurado vision. Through narrative and imagery on the song, there is a degree of isolationist in emotion to the situation at hand. Damien Jurado is set to release his new album Visions of Us on the Land,

Cayucas – Dancing at the Blue Lagoon (Secretly Canadian)

cayucas, selective memory

Caucus’ sophomore effort begins like a soundtrack to a travel documentary as it soars across musical landscapes and open aired tribal drum tracks competing with the glorious Zach and Ben Yudin vocalizing layers of sunny pop disposition. Lyrically intelligent, emotionally expansive, the two uses indie beach stomp and a lot

Woman’s Hour – Conversations (Secretly Canadian)

Womans Hour Conversation

Watching the video for the title track to this album is a strange experience. You go through strange emotional reactions based on strange synchronicity. And much like the cover artwork, it’s monochromatic features transfer over to the video. Most of the time is spent using angles and points to accentuate vocalist

Nightlands: Oak Island

The thematics of Oak Island are science fiction in nature, imaginary in realism. Dave Hartley seems like a sincere guy with a lot of drive. It shows on his official site for Nightlands. And if you have witnessed or listened to the many projects that he has been involved in, most notably bassist