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Unplugged and Stripped Down: An Evening With Michale Graves

Michale Graves, photo by Brad Flynn for Selective Memory

An integral part of the 1990's punk scene, Michale Graves was instrumental in the resurrection of the iconic Misfits, giving them new life and bringing in a new generation of fans, making the Misfits a more recognized, if not a household, name. Having formed other bands after his departure from

Adrian and the Sickness – Be Your Own Savior

Adrian and the Sickness (

With a somewhat sassy sultriness to her voice, Adrian Conner delivers an eclectic mix of songs on her new album, Be Your Own Saviour. Adrian is no stranger to rocking out as she also plays lead in the AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles, however, on this album she infuses high

Godhunter – City of Dust (The Compound/Battleground Records)

Godhunter (

There is something about the desert that would make a person slightly crazy, and there is something about Tucson’s politically conservative atmosphere that would make a band like Godhunter rebel against. If you have Weedeater and Bongzilla in your collection (even a little Kyuss), you don’t want to miss this proper

The New Hardcore Dynasty – An interview with Empire of Rats

Empire of Rats (

Columbus, Ohio, seems like an unlikely place for a hardcore punk band with more fury than most East Coast muscle.  The power this band emits from their self-titled album released last fall on A389 to the uber-energetic live shows, you cannot deny their integrity. I had a chance to talk to

Empire of Rats (

Empire of Rats have been on a furious roll lately. A successful line up of shows in support of their album, it all has been dominantly positive in the hardcore punk-o-sphere. The album, released on A389 Records, is as blue collar as anything you would hear come from the East