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Wilding – Secular Music (Friendship Fever)

Wilding goes beyond sonics of a higher power and delivers a masterpiece with Secular Music out April 28 on Friendship Fever It’s always good to go back home. At least that statement is true for many. For Dave Woody, Wilding is that home he has returned to. With a new album

The New Year – Recent History The New Year returns with "Recent History" and their new album in nine years The New Year is back and their latest song is exactly what you expect it to be. "Recent History" is a warm glow of swirling indie rock that is exalted to the heavens of alternative delight. The

Friday Night Video: The Stargazer Lilies – When With You Not just bringing into light a powerful shoegaze presence, The Stargazer Lilies' latest video for "When With You" harnesses the glory of 1992 music video imagery and the alternative psychedelic movement of the early '90s. A perfect example of what's to come, the pioneers of the Shoegaze New Wave movement