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Zakk Sabbath Unleashes The War Pigs

Zakk Sabbath preps for new limited edition release, Live in Detroit and tour Zakk Wylde is stepping up his Sabbath game with a new album and tour. To help accentuate the illustrious cover band featuring guitarist/vocalist Wylde, bassist Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie), and drummer Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens Of The

Big | Brave – Au De La (Southern Lord)

big brave, selective memory

Big | Brave has returned with an expanse that sends trembles down the mountains and splits the artistic divide between crushing epic instrumental cadence and seance with the ghosts of the natural world. What this band does for their second full length is something bigger than all of us. It’s not

NAILS: Abandon All Life

There is extreme metal and then there is NAILS. Where most modern extremist simply try to get beyond extreme without imploding, NAILS carefully formulates their aggression with a sense of melodic accentuation. It does not mean this band pussyfoots around because Abandon All Life is purely brutal. Featuring Taylor Young of

Agrimonia: Rites of Separation

If you are a fan of the Gothenburg extreme metal scene throughout the first decade of the 2000s, then I cannot imagine you not wrapping your knuckles around Agrimonia’s Rites of Separation. And with members who have left their mark in bands like Martyrdöd, Skitsystem, At the Gates and others, you

Fontanelle Releases Vitamin F on Southern Lord

Fontanelle on Selective Memory

Fontanelle brings a state of mind to their latest album Vitamin F on Southern Lord You can almost feel the thick haze of smoke. The time signature entraps us until we break the shackles of conventionalism, and we become then become the victims of a genre. An out of body experience.