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Alpha Tiger – iDentity (Steamhammer / SPV)

alpha tiger, identity, selective memory

Today kids we will take a look at the album iDentity from Alpha Tiger. Coming to us from Freiberg in Saxony (Germany) and delivering some wickedly good speed/power metal, iDentity is Alpha Tiger's third release, and the one in which they have seemingly found their own identity in the metal

Rebellious Spirit – Obsession (Steamhammer/SPV)

Much has happened to Rebellious Spirit since their debut Gamble Shot. If you have not listened to that album, pick it up because it is badass! It’s a little Poisonesque and very Sunset Strip, but the rawness is real and the band has followed the rock and roll rebellion guidelines

Battleaxe – Heavy Metal Sanctuary (Steamhammer/SPV)

Battleaxe - Heavy Metal Sanctuary (

Battleaxe...the band name screams hard-hitting metal and the music lives up to the expectations it creates. Formed in the early 80's in the area of Newcastle England, it is something I find pretty cool as I sit here in New Castle, Indiana, writing about them. The band had a series

Eat The Gun – Stripped To The Bone (Steamhammer/SPV)

eat the gun, stripped to the bone (Selective Memory

I think where the main pivotal point of not just this album but the band is the direction Stripped To The Bone is heading. But where they are heading, you have to understand where they came. Hendrik Wipperman, the band’s fuzzy-headed guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter, did something different this time around.