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Friday Night Video: Cauldron – No Return/In Ruin (The End Records) Cauldron rings in the New Year with a mighty roar of thrash metal. “No Return/In Ruin” will blow your tube socks right off your feet. Consider this the hair of the dog and a great way to bring in 2016 because Cauldron is turning the volume up high. Links: Official Site Facebook Twitter Instagram All of

Cage The Gods – Badlands (The End Records)

Links: Official Site Facebook Twitter Soundcloud YouTube When I first put in Badlands by Cage The Gods I was immediately blown away by how good it was. With a solid bluesy rock sound, sort of like an edgier, darker Black Crowes/Tesla dipped in a little of the sleaze that is LA Guns. I was thoroughly surprised

Fatboy Slim: Big Beach Bootique 5

  Being an old school techno lover, Fatboy Slim was always one of my favorite artists because I immensely enjoyed both his original compositions as well as his live mix albums either under his Fatboy Slim guise or as his God given name Norman Cook. Either way I was super stoked

The End Presents Paradise Lost Reissues

Paradise Lost on Selective Memory

Paradise Lost made albums that historically matter to the context of metal and The End reissues do these albums justice Re-Issues Released: Shades Of God Icon Draconian Times One Second Reflection Evolve  "Your talk is always contradiction." You will find not a more punctual line from a Paradise Lost song. It also comes from one of the most pertinent Paradise