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Friday Night Video: Electric Pyramid’s 1989 Electric Pyramid gives us a taste with new single and video for 1989. London's Electric Pyramid will release their debut single, "1989" on June 10. To be released on Transistor Project, the group is set for a European tour with Queen and Adam Lambert. Stemming from classic rock influences, the band bounces

Friday Night Video: The Stargazer Lilies – When With You Not just bringing into light a powerful shoegaze presence, The Stargazer Lilies' latest video for "When With You" harnesses the glory of 1992 music video imagery and the alternative psychedelic movement of the early '90s. A perfect example of what's to come, the pioneers of the Shoegaze New Wave movement

Friday Night Video: APigeon – Polyday APigeon's surreal battle between space and time blur dimensions on her new video for "Polyday." The Montreal native make a universe of hallucinating ecstasy within the universe of light and sound that get explored within the song. Visual expert Patrick Rochon and Pierre Tremblay lead the team of visual eye

Friday Night Video: Bootblacks – Southpole With their album Veins now out on Manic Depression Records, Bootblacks launch a campaign that includes an invasion of space and a claustrophobic bar all brought about by internal tensions. But this video all coincides to the term Bootblacks, a term coined by William Burroughs to describe the dark underbelly of New

Friday Night Video: Destroyer Last year, Destroyer cranked out Poison Season that sounded like a '70s rock paradise exfoliated by a slew of strings and rich horns. Included in these sessions was the "My Mystery" track that did not really fit into the context of what the band was doing at the time. But that song

Friday Night Video: Madame Mayhem – Left For Dead Madame Mayhem is back with a new video for 2016. Fresh off of her triumphant rock release Now You Know, "Left For Dead" showcases Mayhem's powerful penchant for metal exuberance. According to Mayhem herself, the song is a "struggle of both a tumultuous relationship, and internal conflict with yourself to not be

Friday Night Video: Wisdom in Chains – Violent Americans From their album The God Rhythm, out now, the band released a charged and intensive video for “Violent Americans.” The video gives hardcore fans exactly what they froth over, fast and furious overtones, important socio-political messages, in-your-face attitude. All this comes from an album that explodes with one anthem after