Corvair on Selective Memory


This debut perfects indie rock humanism Corvair Self-Titled Paper Walls (US) / WIAIWYA (UK) Link: Official Site Corvair has a song you consistently catch yourself whistling to. It’s that hook in the chorus that easily becomes a part of your psyche. I am stuck in a time loop wanting to … Read More ›

Kernel Existence on Selective Memory

Kernel Existence—Kripascular

Kernel Existence Kripascular Konsequent Records Links: Kernel Existence Facebook | Konsequence Records Tobias Draeger nests within the chaos of cables, chords, and machinery that help define his electronic persona. It is a direct correlation to the work that encapsulates Kripascular, Kernel Existence’s sophomore release. The album is a technical masterpiece … Read More ›

Transcendent Waves on Selective Memory

Transcendent Waves, by Lavender Suarez

Lavender Suarez beautifully details the ideas behind how sound affects the world we live in. Transcendent Waves Lavender Suarez Anthology Editions Links: Lavender Suarez | Order Online I was recently asked how music influences the work that I do. I could not answer that question because, on the surface, the … Read More ›

Hypervolume on Selective Memory

Hypervolume – Conceive

This Chicago duo makes an impressive intro into the metal arena Hypervolume Conceive Self Released Links: Official Site There are times when it takes four people to build up the flex to create a soulcrusher of an album, and then there is Chicago’s Hypervolume. Two guys. A. Human and Fabian … Read More ›