The Umbrellas Album Cover

The Umbrellas Release Debut Album (Album Review)

The Umbrellas The Umbrellas Slumberland Records Link: Bandcamp Embedded into the psyche of the late 1990s, I had a deep admiration for the indie pop scene and enamored by its glowing sensibilities. The West Coast sound and Washington state aura permeated the moment and became an addiction that grappled on … Read More ›

Come One Come All Album Cover by Circus of Rock

Circus of Rock: Come One Come All (Album Review)

Circus of Rock Come One, Come All Frontiers s.r.l. Links: Official Site | Facebook Mirka Rantanen has a gigantic vision. The King Company drummer wanted to create this cumulative project that features a monster rock of talent to fit on a singular album. Circus of Rock was born and now Come … Read More ›

Kung Fu Overdrive

Bringing out the best of the Indianapolis rock and punk scene, Kung Fu Overdrive launches with their debut album and upcoming Punk Rock Night premiere Link: Facebook Under a canopy of bright orange and yellow hues, the walls of The Pop Machine bear witness to stories. The Indianapolis recording studio … Read More ›

Punk Rock Flashback Friday: Carnival Art

Carnival Art was a vessel for more important alternative acts of the 1990s Formed in Los Angeles in 1989, Carnival Art carved a small niche into the early 1990s alternative rock story with their uncompromised music that blurred the lines of making fun of Sunset Strip rock to brazen punk, … Read More ›

Information Society

Information Society Returns with ODDfellows

On ODDfellows, Information Society builds a firm representation of their career Link: Bandcamp | Facebook When John Lydon told Tom Snyder on the Tomorrow Show, “We ain’t no band, we’re a company simple”—Lydon snarling at Snyder about his band PIL—some kids from Minneapolis took note. Information Society originally viewed their … Read More ›

On A Moonlit Night Album Cover by Vandor

Vandor: On A Moonlit Night (Album Review)

Vandor On A Moonlit Night Scarlet Records When I first experienced Iron Maiden’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” the epic journey was a seafaring mental rollercoaster that became a blow to the attention span. It could have been that drawn-out side thought in the middle of the song, fueled by … Read More ›

Rock 'n' Roll Glitter Suit Album Cover by Velvet Insane

Velvet Insane: Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit (Album Review)

Velvet Insane Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit Sound Pollution Links: Facebook | Instagram The Hollywood Hills. Long hair flowing while rolling down Peralta style on skateboards. Cruising. Drifting. Purring Harley’s moving through the mountainside. The zen of carving the curvature of the roads. Nods and smiles all the way. For … Read More ›

4Gazm Band Photo

Punk Rock Flashback Friday: 4GAZM

4Gazm ends the 90s with a dose of Orange County female punk The 1990s Southern California scene was a snarling melting pot of punk bands and diverse rebel rousers. The female punk scene became just as strong a statement as anything else coming out of the Los Angeles haze. 4Gazm … Read More ›