Russ Meyer on Selective Memory

Vixen and Cherry…& Harry & Raquel

Real Gone Music resurrects two quintessential sexploitation film soundtracks from Russ Meyer Bill Loose’s soundtrack work should not go unnoticed as he was an important contributor to the cult movie scene of the 1960s and 1970s, scoring for films like The Rebel Rousers and The Swinging Cheerleaders. His library music … Read More ›

AJ Rosales on Selective Memory

AJ Rosales – Manifestations

AJ Rosales Manifestations Self-Released Links: Official Site | Bandcamp AJ Rosales makes the acoustic guitar seem so easy yet so complex at the same time. Putting out an acoustically-dominated album is not a lightweight decision. The strings want to fight back. The tones take a keen ear. Things could go … Read More ›

Corvair on Selective Memory


This debut perfects indie rock humanism Corvair Self-Titled Paper Walls (US) / WIAIWYA (UK) Link: Official Site Corvair has a song you consistently catch yourself whistling to. It’s that hook in the chorus that easily becomes a part of your psyche. I am stuck in a time loop wanting to … Read More ›