Superfonica Album Cover by Arcadian Child

Album Review: Arcadian Child – Superfonica

Arcadian Child Superfonica Rogue Wave Records/Ripple Music ★★★★ There is a deep, immense trench of emotion flowing through the psychedelic overtones of Arcadian Child’s Superfonica. Instead of a burning flame of psychedelic wonderment, Arcadian Child gives you a premise of a glorious underworld crawling with dark fantasies and strange undercurrents. … Read More ›

Wild Crush album cover by Archie Bronson Outfit

Archie Bronson’s Outfit – Wild Crush

Archie Bronson’s Outfit Wild Crush Domino ★★★ The immediate attraction to Archie Bronson’s Outfit is that on Wild Crush, they are psychedelic without being overtly psychedelic. They are pop without being overtly pop. And these songs are infectious with being overtly infectious. Even though it was somewhat of a bummer … Read More ›