About Selective Memory

What does a sonic boom sound like?

It’s the impact of the felt from the pedal hitting the head where a drum beat sends shock waves up and down your body. It’s the impact the pick makes when it hits that power chord and shoots lightning bolts out of an amplifier. It’s the rhythmic drive of the bass shattering the foundation of our being. And it’s the energy built up through time and the release from vocal chord through the mic and out into infinity.

Selective Memory has been going on for 10 years.

We are addicted to the boom. At the epicenter of the phenomenon that is Indiana, it is a place we call home. Enriched in the various dioramas of rock, metal, punk and electronic we capture the essence of all of those elements into a living and breathing website of quality and depth.

If you want to know Indiana. If you want to know us. Get to know Selective Memory.