Rewind is as much a multi-dimensional art statement as it is a concert documentary Link: Official Site | Beatport Did you catch the one-time screening of Pastikman’s film Rewind? It was available on Beatport’s Twitch Channel, December 4, appropriately aired at the witching hour. Ritchie Hawtin expresses the mystique of … Read More ›

Salems Lot Movie Poster

Stephen King’s Vampires Stay Undead

With a modern version of Salem’s Lot being planned with horror writer Gary Dauberman at the helm, will it stack up to the original? When reports that writer and director Gary Dauberman laid out plans to work on a reboot of Salem’s Lot, buzz articles have circulated around the horror-verse … Read More ›

A Bay of Blood Film Poster

The Dark and Depraved: A Bay Of Blood

A Bay of Blood [1971] Directed by: Mario Bava Link: IMDB Mario Bava knows how to pull every emotion out of the viewer to create a rollercoaster of emotions that is as genius and exquisite an approach to the 1970s horror genre. A Bay of Blood is fucking depressing. Stelvio … Read More ›

A Scene from the movie She Devils On Wheels

The Dark and Depraved: She Devils on Wheels

Arrow Video gives the Herschell Gordon Lewis Biker Film a Blu-Ray Upgrade Link: Arrow Video What generally gets lauded for its awful acting and circle-spinning plot, in 1968 Herschell Gordon Lewis joined the likes of Roger Corman’s The Wild Angels and T.C. Frank’s The Born Losers with his version of … Read More ›

Strip Nude for your Killer

Strip Nude For Your Killer

Arrow Video releases Andrea Bianchi’s thriller that goes beyond simple giallo formula Nude per l’assassino or Strip Nude For Your Killer was released in 1975 to combat the overarching giallo genre that filmmakers like Fulci, Argento, Bava, and others defined in the early ‘70s. Bianchi took the giallo formula and … Read More ›

Double Dragon video cover art

Double Dragon (MVD Rewind Collection)

MVD Rewind Collection Resurrects Double Dragon for the First Time on Blu-Ray There are cinematic turds and then there are cinematic turds we hold in high regard that serve the purpose to embellish absurdness. The early ‘90s brought a modestnstint of films based on popular video games: Super Mario Bros., … Read More ›