Delirium Album Cover by Old Many Canyon

Album Review: Old Man Canyon – Delirium

Old Man Canyon Delirium Self-Released ★★★★ “It’s about that moment in life when you have a realization that things aren’t how you want them. That inner voice that is always fully aware of what needs to change. It’s about the process of returning to a place of simplicity, where we … Read More ›

Antigama on Selective Memory

ANTIGAMA – The Insolent Review

ANTIGAMA – The Insolent (Selfmadegod Records) ★★★ The first seconds of The Insolent is the most important. There is no build-ups, no introductions or no beating around the bush, the agonizing scream that starts the album is brutal. It’s not too long or too short. Yet it’s a statement maker, and … Read More ›

Creeper Album Cover by Dead On TV

Dead on TV – Creeper

Dead on TV Creeper Independent ★★★ Dead on TV’s Creeper was recommended to me, and upon digging through their Bandcamp page, I was instantly sold. This Chicago outfit has the hooks and pulls that lean more toward a West Coast punk vibe than a blue-collar Midwestern punk attitude, but that’s okay. … Read More ›

Cafeine New Love

Cafeine – New Love

Cafeine New Love Independent ★★ Montreal’s Xavier Cafeine is a punk at heart. A love affair collecting music by the West Coast scenery. Thoughts of X, The Gun Club, and The Weirdos dance around in his head, serving as influential standards to live by. Whether he really takes these influences … Read More ›