Capurnalia Band Photo

Calpurnia – Scout

Calpurnia Scout Royal Mountain Records ★★★ The aura that surrounds this band is Finn Wolfhard. The instigator of this pop strangeness, we recognize his demeanor from shows like Stranger Things and It. He is the one with the jabbing quips that bleed over to juvenile pop that jab at your … Read More ›

Lake Jons Album Cover

Lake Jons – Self-Titled

Lake Jons Self-Titled Antifragil ★★★ Building on an identity since 2014 and the band’s inception, Lake Jons debut is a mixed bag of gentle pop from a frigid garage in Helsinki. The opener, “Lake Family,” reminds me of mid-’90s Butterglory. It was cool back then; a time stamp on lo-fi … Read More ›