Blue Oyster Cult Live '83 Album Cover

Blue Öyster Cult—Live ‘83

For the first time, Real Gone Music Resurrects Blue Öyster Cult’s Limelight Bootleg Blue Öyster Cult Live ‘83 Real Gone Music Link: Real Gone Music Before The Revölution at Night album was released in 1983, Blue Öyster Cult marked a major transition for the band away from their classic sound … Read More ›

Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 Album Cover By Blue Oyster Cult

Blue Oyster Cult – Cult Classic and Hard Rock Live

Blue Öyster Cult Cult Classic Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 Links: Official Site | Frontiers Music SRL Today marks the 48th Anniversary of Blue Öyster Cult’s self-titled debut, an album that launched a career that, without a doubt, helped define classic rock. On Hard Rock Live Cleaveland 2014, the band … Read More ›