Adventure and Run Forever on Selective Memory

Album Review: Adventure/Run Forever Split

Adventure/Run Forever – Adventure/Run Forever Split (No Sleep Records)

Adventure and Run Forever on Selective Memory

Adventure is the kinder and gentler rendition of Pittsburgh’s Code Orange Kids. The offset of the intense barrage of extreme hardcore makes this band sound like Barry Manilow in comparison.

Adventure’s two songs is typical indie rock. I can’t really pluck out anything that stands out. “Thin” trades the progressive power punk indie rock so many bands churn out for tribal transcendentalism and slight psychedelic moments that help accentuate what they are doing, but does not give it enough freak out to make us pay attention. It’s as if Adventure is trying to conform but does not quite know how.

Run Forever is, at face value, the alternative rock band you come to expect. It’s simple pop measures with nice harmonies that make this the better band. Sincerity in their lyrics only helps them accentuate their bleeding hearts. Coming from an area outside of Pittsburgh that is in the process of rebuilding, they have every reason to exfoliate their emotions and grievances over Braddock’s social and economic downturn. That’s why when they rock out on “Lost The Feeling,” you can feel the band just letting go pent up aggression while blowing off steam and a creative fashion.

It’s hard for me to invest in something like this when I know only half of the album is appealing to me. But I wouldn’t let it deter you from conjuring up a streamer of the album and you being the judge.

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