Holy Diver Expanded Edition

BMG Launches Dio live album Reissue Series

Evil or Divine: Live in New York City
Holy Diver Live

Links: Evil or Divine: Live in New York City | Holy Diver Live

“I am very excited to be working with BMG, a label that still has a passion for rock music. They will be making the complete DIO catalogue available again with some interesting surprises.” —Wendy Dio

Any Dio fan will attest to the allure and magnetism of a live Dio concert. The fantasy, the escapism, the music and imagery transforms us to a world powered by Ronnie James Dio’s words. The sincerity and interaction he devoted to his audience was a connection unparalleled. On stage, the music took on a life of its own. Similar to someone like Alice Cooper, Dio lived for the theatrics. What we cannot see in these recordings we can hear and the thought transcends down to the energy and emotion of the songs contained in the package.

BMG has teamed with Wendy Dio to create the Dio live album reissue series. The first two in the series are Evil or Divine: Live in New York City and Holy Diver Live. Through a magnificent designed reissue to bonus songs and rarities, both albums present an experience of their own.

Dio on Selective Memory

The 2005 release of Evil or Divine has been out of print until now. BMG meticulously remastered the album to new pristine heights. The sound quality is like a refreshed experience. Although we hear an aged Ronnie, he showcases Dio’s continued talent and prestige. What stands out is the personnel. Guitarist Doug Aldrich performs on both albums. Being a part of a laundry list of legendary hard rock and metal bands, Aldrich’s chops are in form and a metal fan’s dream. From the solos nested in the songs to his epic guitar solo, Aldrich gives sonic power to classic songs like “Don’t Talk To Strangers” or “Rainbow in the Dark.” After Aldrich’s abstract solo, out of the limelight comes the incredible “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Long live it, indeed!

With this album, we get a snapshot into the work of the late Jimmy Bain. From Rainbow to Dio, his bass work shows. This is the foundation that keeps all of these songs grounded, and he treats the bass as a passionate creature. Scott Warren and his keyboard talents are the seasoning to these songs.

Dio on Selective Memory

Simon Wright’s drum solo on this album is thunderous, but his drum solo on Holy Diver Live is next level. Wright creates an apocalyptic tribal cadence that is exceptionally unreal. And when the solo launches into “Gypsy,” all bets are off.

Ronnie James Dio immersed himself between creating a fantasy world and the passion for living in it. His art was true and defining in the metal arena, all immortalized in live albums like these.

Dio—Holy Diver


Side A
1. Killing The Dragon
2. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
3. Push

Side B
4. Drum Solo – Simon Wright
5. Stand Up And Shout
6. Rock and Roll
7. Don’t Talk To Strangers

Side C
8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Guitar Solo – Doug Aldrich
10. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
11. Lord Of The Last Day

Side D
12. Fever Dreams
13. Holy Diver
14. Heaven And Hell

Side E
15. The Last In Line
16. Rainbow In The Dark
17. We Rock

Side F – BONUS– Best of studio albums 1996-2004 (On LP Configurations ONLY)
18. This Is Your Life – from Angry Machines
19. Fever Dreams – from Magica
20. Push – from Killing The Dragon
21. The Eyes – from Master Of The Moon


Side A
1. Intro
2. Stand Up And Shout
3. Holy Diver
4. Gypsy
5. Drum Solo – Simon Wright

Side B
6. Caught In The Middle
7. Don’t Talk To Strangers
8. Straight Through The Heart
9. Invisible

Side C
10. Rainbow In The Dark
11. Shame On The Night
12. Guitar Solo – Doug Aldrich
13. Holy Diver (Reprise)

Side D
14. Tarot Woman
15. Sign Of The Southern Cross
16. One Night In The City

Side E
17. Gates Of Babylon
18. Heaven And Hell

Side F
19. Man On The Silver Mountain
20. Catch The Rainbow
21. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
22. Call For Encore
23. We Rock

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