The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality

The Glitch Mob
Love Death Immortality
Glass Air Records

The Glitch Mob returns with a higher state of consciousness than ever before. Love Death Immortality is the electronic treatise you were hoping for by a band fully capable of taking us to those depths of emotional reverberation.

On Love Death Immortality, the band re-interprets pop music by stripping out the traditional elements of the pop construct, re-building and then adding back in those traditional characteristics. “Beauty of the The Unhidden Heart” features Sister Canyon. It is a song that melts singularity with intimate pop and power electronics. They swirl around and intertwine between the two. It’s an innocent playfulness between both. For the context of the album, this being the last song, it feels more like an afterthought, but it’s a good demonstration of how you can pluck these songs out of context and create a new interpretation for them.

Back at the beginning, the group gives us pure elation. They stretch their samples and sequencers out into the universe. “Mind of a Beast” gives us more of an overview of a terra forma philosophy than a primal instinct as something like Savoy would convey.

The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality

It becomes accentuation when “Our Demons” gives us our first taste of honey-dripped vocals by Aja Volkman. These songs bounce around from sincerity to Glitch Hop to the ultimate extreme. Either way, you cannot deny just how happy this band is to make this music. You can hear it bleed through with each note.

“Fly By Night Only” and “Carry The Sun,” you get the feeling that the Glitch Mob is playing the role of the oracle. We are here to carry out its message for perception in the act of releasing these sounds through the airwaves.

It’s not rocket science to discern that Love Death Immortality will be one of the top electronic albums of this year. Hell, it may be this decade. The trio has etched a mark in history simply by overcoming their own demons. Expect nothing but pure unadulterated joy.

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