City of Dust album cover from Godhunter

Godhunter – City of Dust

City of Dust
The Compound/Battleground Records

There is something about the desert that would make a person slightly crazy. Aso, there is something about Tucson’s politically conservative atmosphere that would make a band like Godhunter rebel against.

If you have Weedeater and Bongzilla in your collection, you don’t want to miss this proper debut (they have churned out some splits and an EP since their inception a few years ago). from Godhunter.

GODHUNTER live at Southwest Terror Fest III, Oct. 17th, 2014

City Of Dust is a political apocalypse. It is a wake up call. An album cover that looks more like an AFI cover, what you will find inside is as meaty as a colossal hammer colliding with the earth. When “Despite All” finally gets down to business, the guitar crunches together like a press and Charlie Touseuli’s vocals sound like thunder compacting into the desert atmosphere.

“Rats in the Wall” has a tempo that is more geared to summer heat in the south, the sludge from this song makes you feel every note with impacting weight.

The band may have lost their minds with “Shooting Down the Sun,” an acoustic ramble at High Noon. But “Palace Of Thorn” quickly becomes their rock opus. The power beat, the ripped chords, it’s Godhunter’s finest moment.

From beginning to end, Godhunter tackles the political landscape of our time like they are prophets in the Thunderdome.

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