It All Goes EP by Andrew Krull

It All Goes Album Review

It All Goes EP by Andrew Krull

Andrew Krull
It All Goes

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Andrew Krull presents an interesting perspective to the alt-country genre. The Chicago native intersperses his metropolitan perspective into a back porch serenade. It All Goes is as much an organic experience as it is musically methodological.

Krull gathered a varied group of Chicago talent including Nick Levine of Pinegrove and Jodi, Seth Engel of Options, folk and bluegrass veterans Aaron Smith and Jess McIntosh, and indie folk singer-songwriter Alayne May.

Grabbing elements from a combination of indie math and emo rock and placing it into an americana gaze, look within to experience the band’s intricate time signatures. Unfortunately, this achievement will get lost compared to the Elliott Smith association thanks to the open-roomed vocal echo.

There are some beautiful songs on this EP. The brightly enlightening “Garden” and the soft-contemplative “Green Lake” do a great job of bringing out the best in each musician. Krull could have gone anywhere with this album. He could have burned it all to the ground and lit a match to the difficult times surrounding him during its recording. Yet, the album possesses a sense of hope and admiration. Going back to “Green Lake,” the song floats like a gentle folk song, permeating like the ghosts of the ‘60s English folk scene.

Andrew Krull—Green Lake Lyric Video

Then there is something like “Magnolia” that takes from the aesthetics of isotope217 or Tortoise and dust up these humble words through dirt road aural imagery.

Krull has taken this short-lived EP experience and made it intriguing. Your reaction should be nothing short of exploratory.

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