Witchrock Album Cover by Magneta Lane

Album Review: Magneta Lane – WitchRock

Magneta Lane
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Magneta Lane on Selective Memory

Did I just listen to one long song? The music that makes up the WitchRock EP relate to each other more than they should, bleeding out any differentiation between the opener “Burn,” and the closer “Lucky.”

Maybe it was because 2006 was closer to the 1990s than 2013, but the songs that compile their early career seemed more relevant than the ‘90s throwback of this EP. I feel like I am sitting in confessional telling the tales of the night before and a shameful exploit to some smoky dive bar while being subjected to that one band you regret hearing but cannot scrub the experience out of your mind. Did I really just drank another shitty beer? Are those people really dancing to that? Is this some kind of Garbage cover band?

Instead of searching back, Magneta Lane needs to look forward.

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