Psychic Teens

Album Review: Psychic Teens – Come

Psychic Teens
SRA Records

Psychic Teens latest release Come is best described as that hollow point in your skull in which your soul gets ripped out and sent on a descending journey into an abyss of underworld feedback and neon lit static noise. The air is thick with reverberating guitar chords shredding into themselves and creating a massive amount of sonic activity. The title track itself stands like a statement.

Come is like a Midnight car chase in a parallel noir universe. It’s the seediness in your nightclub forray. There is nothing pretty or illuminating about this release, only reality. “H#te” is a feedback orgy in punk fodder. As the guitars rages with howling release, the drums pound out a clear path to a lair that is filled with a rock and roll danger.

Psychic Teens – H#te

Discontented surrealism, post-industrial, post-punk, post-delirium, Psychic Teens is not just for the faint of heart. Turn it up loud. It’s not enough. Turn it up louder. And then up it a couple more and that is the level you should be blowing your own brains with discontented time signatures.

What is impressive is that the band masterfully stays in total control despite their half-hazard behavior. Will you survive the vertigo?  Come is badass when you can finally take that breath and realize the album’s potential.

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