Chemical Brothers podcast

Radio Chemical—It’s the Joint!

This is Radio Chemical

Chemical Brothers podcast

There are two types of podcasts mixes: those for the simple pleasure of entertainment and those who engage discovery. For the Chemical Brothers, Radio Chemical accomplishes both. For their third installment, they present an aural archeological experience that takes that deep dive into the history and convergence of disco into rap.

Enjoy this eclectic mix of power jams the only way Chemical Brothers know how.



Super 3—When You’re Standing On Top of the World
Count Coolout—Here to Stay Instrumental
Sugar Baby Weet—Ah Bam Bam Just Jam
Fantasy—It’s Your Rock
TJ Swann—Get Fly
Jackson 2—Oh Yeah
Kazoos Mr. Magic—2001
Harlem World Crew—Let’s Rock
TJ Swann—Maximus Party
Sweaty G—We Want to Get Down
Chilly T—Rock the Message Rap
Time Zone—Wild Style
The Chemical—Go
Last Poets—Mean Machine Chant
Can—Vitamin C
Take Two—The People’s Message
Pied Piper of Funkingham—Clap Song
Xanadu—Sure Shot
Stack—Win Jesse w/TROY RAINEY – Tricky Tee Rap

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