Dada Bandits Album Cover by Rubik

Rubik – Dada Bandits (Album Review)

Rubik Dada Bandits Paper Tiger AV/Fullsteam Records ★★★ On their sophomore release, Rubik teeters on a stylistic ledge, sometimes making you dizzy with their changes, but the songwriting is accomplished enough not to make things messy. The first song “Goji Berries” might scare you as they bounce between pop and … Read More ›

Hard Knox Album Cover by Wand

Wooden Wand – Hard Knox

Wooden Wand Hard Knox Ecstatic Peace ★★★ From the beginning of “Arriving,” James Toth cringingly wails, “Give me the haircut of an honest man.” This kind of prose is a gripping bite into the American gothic landscape. The once Wooden Wand turned simply Wand continues the atmosphere that Toth built … Read More ›


Deastro – To the Moon and Back

Randolph Chabot has been writing songs since early adolescence. Hundreds of songs later, he has developed into one of the more eclectic independent musicians of the early 21st Century. When Keepers was released — a culmination from the massive stockpile of demos he had lying around — it turned heads … Read More ›