As Seen on Twitch: Codes

Twitch has been a powerful and positive outlet for Codes to grow in his DJ career and expand on his community Links: Twitch | Discord | Instagram Other Artists in the As Seen On Twitch Series: Tony H A Friday night on Twitch with Codes is a spectacle. He uses visuals … Read More ›

Information Society

Information Society Returns with ODDfellows

On ODDfellows, Information Society builds a firm representation of their career Link: Bandcamp | Facebook When John Lydon told Tom Snyder on the Tomorrow Show, “We ain’t no band, we’re a company simple”—Lydon snarling at Snyder about his band PIL—some kids from Minneapolis took note. Information Society originally viewed their … Read More ›

4Gazm Band Photo

Punk Rock Flashback Friday: 4GAZM

4Gazm ends the 90s with a dose of Orange County female punk The 1990s Southern California scene was a snarling melting pot of punk bands and diverse rebel rousers. The female punk scene became just as strong a statement as anything else coming out of the Los Angeles haze. 4Gazm … Read More ›

Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse album cover by Eugene McDaniels

Eugene McDaniels Rebellion Reissued

Fifty years later, Eugene McDaniels psychedelic soul-jazz awareness release, Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse, is more relevant than ever Link: Real Gone Music The year 1971 was a powder keg for social and political issues surrounded by the fact checkers of pop culture. Music had become more of an awareness … Read More ›

The Lewd

Punk Rock Flashback Friday: The Lewd

The Lewd turned the San Francisco punk landscape upside down with American Wino Before Kurdt Vanderhoof became the guitarist for Metal Church and instilled his fame as a metal titan, he was an integral part of forming the niche Seattle punk band The Lewd. Adopting the stage name “Blobbo,” Vanderhoof … Read More ›

The Sandals The Endless Summer on Selective Memory Indy

The Sandals and The Endless Summer

Real Gone Music Re-Releases The Sandals Soundtrack to The Endless Summer Links: Real Gone Music Hot damn, it’s summertime and that means it is always a great time to indulge in Bruce Brown’s The Endless Summer, a perfect documentary on the surf scene. Brown’s greatest achievement, the California native showcased … Read More ›