Vitamin F album cover by Fontanelle

Fontanelle – Vitamin F

Fontanelle Vitamin F Southern Lord ★★★ You can almost feel the thick haze of smoke. The time signature entraps us until we break the shackles of conventionalism. We are the victims of a genre. An out of body experience. 1973. Trumpets blair to resurrect the ghost of Miles Davis. Music … Read More ›

Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon album cover by Murder By Death

Murder By Death – Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Murder By Death Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon (Bloodshot Records) ★★★★★ When I first heard of Bloomington, Indiana’s Murder By Death, I so desperately wanted folk tales that would send chills down the spine in the dead of night. What I experienced was modern folk tales. But instead of the deathly hallows … Read More ›

Paradisse Lost

Turn off the Radio: Paradise Lost Re-Issues

Paradise Lost made albums that historically matter to the context of metal and The End reissues do these albums justice Re-Issues Released: Shades Of God Icon Draconian Times One Second Reflection Evolve  “Your talk is always contradiction.” You will not find a more punctual line from a Paradise Lost song. It … Read More ›

Reviver album cover by Callers

Callers – Reviver

Callers Reviver (Partisan Records) At first listen, Reviver seems to be very jazzy and sultry. Callers provide enriched guitar licks and mysterious vocals. The splash track gives off an eclectic feel of discombobulating notes. That is until the pure vocals of Sara Lucas take hold and give the track a soul. … Read More ›

Tarnation album cover by Bastard of the Skies

Bastard of the Skies – Tarnation

Bastard of the Skies Tarnation (Future Noise Records) ★★★ On their new album, Tarnation, Bastard of the Skies burn through the musical landscape like an out-of-control wildfire, scorching and leaving barren everything in their path. Upon first listen I hated this album. Initially I found it boring and repetitive. But then … Read More ›

You're Still A Lover Album Cover by Santa

Santah – You’re Still A Lover

Santah You’re Still A Lover (Independent) ★★★ Stanton McConell, you are such the crooner, aren’t you? Okay, maybe not a crooner in the traditional sense, but when I hear your voice seep into “Springfield”—I assume about the Illinois town near where the band was conceived, all joining together with their … Read More ›

Breaking Radio Silence album cover by Jerzey St. Band

Jerzey Street Band – Breaking Radio Silence

Jerzey Street Band Breaking Radio Silence (Independent) ★★ These lads from Manchester have a strong influence and love affair from bands across the Atlantic. On their debut album Breaking Radio Silence, you can hear faint impressions of Bruce Springsteen. You can even catch The Eagles in some tracks. It’s hard to tell … Read More ›

Choose the Light album cover by Mi-Gu

Mi-Gu – Choose The Light

MI-GU Choose The Light (Chimera Music) ★★★★ MI-GU is three albums in and unless you were paying close attention, you would never realize it. For this band, the parts are bigger than the sum. This duo, comprised of Yuko Araki (drums/vocals) and Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu (guitars/producer), come from an eclectic … Read More ›