Anagnorisis on Selective Memory

Anagnorisis – Beyond All Light Review

Anagnorisis – Beyond All Light (Independent) ★★★★ Like the air getting sucked out from under your breath, Anagnorisis returns with the fury you could only expect from a Gothenburg black metal band. Only this band is not from Sweden but Kentucky, and the roar these guys make is mere tornadic … Read More ›

Agent Side Grinder on Selective Memory

Agent Side Grinder – Hardware Review

Agent Side Grinder – Hardware (Artoffact) ★★★★★ Is this 2013 or 1983? Time is not Agent Side Grinder’s concern because to them, time is immaterial in the scope of their electronic alternative prowess. Wax Trax! changed the landscape of electronic music in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Incorporated within Meat Beat … Read More ›

Alpha Alpha Boulevard album cover from Cremator

Selective Memory Interviews Cremator

On the heels of Cremator’s album Alpha Ralpha Boulevard, we talk with Matt Thompson about his synth-fueled songs Cremator is a band you may not know about, but a band you certainly should get to know. Matt Thompson is the brainchild behind the synth-fueled epic songs. His music is an … Read More ›

Columboid band photo

Video Premiere: Columboid’s Juicy Mode

Almost three years after We Were One, Columboid is back with a sophomore release, Monster Vision, on La Societe Expeditionnaire. With the upcoming album, due out in June, the group expands on their gritty demeanor. This treats Monster Vision like it is a call to arms. A play on emotions … Read More ›

Tomorrow's Lost album cover by Cauldron

Cauldron – Tomorrow’s Lost

Cauldron Tomorrow’s Lost Earache Records ★★★★★ What is up with Canada lately? Seems like they are no longer happy being known for stellar beer (seriously, if you have not tried Labatts or Moosehead you haven’t lived), the Mckenzie brothers (take off you hoser) and hockey. Lately, I have been getting … Read More ›

Reaching Out: A Conversation with Hurt

Hurt Returns to McGuffy’s and Selective Memory Checks in with the Band Venue: McGuffy’s (Now Oddbody’s), Dayton, Ohio April 4, 2013 Hurt returned to McGuffy’s just a few months after their last visit to Dayton. Talking with Victor Ribas (drums) in the parking lot as they arrived at the Venue, … Read More ›

Hymnal album cover by Benoit Piollard

Benoit Pioulard – Hymnal

Benoit Pioulard Hymnal (kranky) ★★★ Deep within the aura of secular metaphysics comes a new take on religion. Benoit Pioulard’s Hymnal is the salvation that we look for to find salvation. A simple monument of pop architecture that’s humble. It’s that moment we stop and respect the ghosts that speak … Read More ›

A Memories Chase Album Cover from Ohvaur

OHVAUR – A Memories Chase

OHVAUR A Memories Chase Independent ★★★★ No musician has recently been in tune with the concept of spirit and place like Timothy Den. Fueled by years in the entertainment business (working at Lollipop Magazine for two decades as Assistant Editor, founding his own website Transform Online, fronted the Boston-based band … Read More ›