Psychedelic Disco Cumbia Album Cover by Locobeach

Album Review: Locobeach—Psychedelic Disco Cumbia

Locobeach—Psychedelic Disco Cumbia Independent Link: Bandcamp Psychedelic Disco Cumbia takes from the Fania discipline and shoots it into the outer reaches of space with its psychedelic melting pot with tight-woven traditionalism and weird space-age cocktail sounds. Having a combined resume that includes bands like Los Amigos Invisibles, Crema Paraiso, and … Read More ›


Album Review: Bedtimemagic—Pillow Talk

Bedtimemagic—Pillow Talk Nefarious Industries Links: Bandcamp | Nefarious Industries There was a time when labels like Touch and Go and Amphetamine Reptile existed with a purpose to push the envelope and present alternative music from their unique perspective. Sometimes that means getting out of your comfort zone and re-defining the … Read More ›

A Bay of Blood Film Poster

The Dark and Depraved: A Bay Of Blood

A Bay of Blood [1971] Directed by: Mario Bava Link: IMDB Mario Bava knows how to pull every emotion out of the viewer to create a rollercoaster of emotions that is as genius and exquisite an approach to the 1970s horror genre. A Bay of Blood is fucking depressing. Stelvio … Read More ›

Get Loud! Album Cover by Agnostic Front

Album Review: Agnostic Front—Get Loud!

Agnostic Front Get Loud! Nuclear Blast Records Links: Facebook | Nuclear Blast Records Agnostic Front does not need to get back to basics because they are the godfathers of New York Hardcore who saw the genesis of the East Coast Hardcore scene. Yet their latest album for Nuclear Blast Records … Read More ›

Earthquaker Album Cover by King Hiss

Album Review: King Hiss

King Hiss—Earthquaker Self-Released Link: Official Site King Hiss has spent a career attracting the biggest names in the business to help craft rock artistry. Dave Collins who worked with bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Black Sabbath; The Machine who amplified Fall Out Boy, Lamb of God … Read More ›

Maria Brink of In This Moment

In This Moment at Old National Centre

In This Moment July 12, 2019 Old National Centre Links: In This Moment | Old National Centre In This Moment returned to Indianapolis with a ritual that included songs from their latest album Mother as well as a string of covers like Phil Collins’s “In The Air Tonight” and Steve … Read More ›

My Star Album Cover by The Hecks

Album Review: The Hecks – My Star

The Hecks My Star Trouble In Mind Records Links: Bandcamp | Trouble in Mind Records Deep in the recesses of an estranged post punk era, a  timeline that lies somewhere between 1978 and 1982, The Heck’s My Star would fit perfectly nested somewhere in there. Be it the late 1970s … Read More ›

Violet Hour by Aluna

Alunah – Violet Hour (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Alunah Violet Hour Heavy Psych Sounds Links: Alunah | Heavy Psych Sounds Beating down heavy riffs like a wall of darkness that settles in, Alunah’s debut release Violet Hour is everything you want from a dark and dreary night of doom-soaked metal. The UK band has spun an impressive weave … Read More ›