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Album Review: Locobeach—Psychedelic Disco Cumbia

Locobeach—Psychedelic Disco Cumbia

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Psychedelic Disco Cumbia takes from the Fania discipline and shoots it into the outer reaches of space with its psychedelic melting pot with tight-woven traditionalism and weird space-age cocktail sounds. Having a combined resume that includes bands like Los Amigos Invisibles, Crema Paraiso, and Chicha Libra, among other bands, it should not be surprising the talent that is involved here. However, what is surprising is just how well these musicians click.

What you hear on Psychedelic Disco Cumbiais not outlandish over-the-top theatrics with horns blasting and cat calls. These songs may be modest in comparison but don’t expect Lawrence Welk fodder. “The Devil Is A Charmer” provides enough shenanigans to be grounded in the roots of latin party favors and Durango wayfaring. The band accurately calls it “dance music for your brain.”

Locobeach-Rata (Official Video)

“Kakalapapanga” drifts off in early Malo-like psychedelic daydreams. The instrumental is thought provoking in the sense that film music is motivating. Listen closely and you can hear the sum of the parts all conjoining into one.

“Rata” changes gears and explores chicha music with mystery and exuberance in the way the Peruvian style can portray. It gives the feel of an Old World culture while keeping with the Locobeach mantra. What is most enjoyable is all of the grit they left on the surface of this song. That is what makes this album effective.

“Guaracheo” brings in late 1970s disco as easily as it does Chicano wave and creates dance floor sweat with every ounce of intensity. And as intoxicating as that sounds, “Javelin” follows with an after-hours backstage psych out. The song is as easy and fluid to listen to as you want it to be.

I cannot say enough good things about this release and the perspective of what this group has to offer. If Psychedelic Disco Cumbiais a fleeting moment in time then so be it. The album is worth being frozen in time for its creative weight. However, I have a strong feeling we will experience even greater accomplishments from this New York supergroup.

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