Psychedelic Disco Cumbia Album Cover by Locobeach

Album Review: Locobeach—Psychedelic Disco Cumbia

Locobeach—Psychedelic Disco Cumbia Independent Link: Bandcamp Psychedelic Disco Cumbia takes from the Fania discipline and shoots it into the outer reaches of space with its psychedelic melting pot with tight-woven traditionalism and weird space-age cocktail sounds. Having a combined resume that includes bands like Los Amigos Invisibles, Crema Paraiso, and … Read More ›

Buoys Album Cover by Panda Bear

Album Review: Panda Bear – Buoys

Panda Bear Buoys Domino Records ★★★★ Following up with the grandiose Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper and the huge success of the epistemologically trippy “Boys Latin,” Noah Lennox returns with Bouys. Like a collection of pop songs on an outer planet, Bouys is equally familiar as it is strange. … Read More ›

Dune Sea on Selective Memory

Album Review: Dune Sea – Dune Sea

Dune Sea Dune Sea All Good Clean Records ★★★ I feel like I have been subjected to one gigantic lull of a chord, spanned across an entire album. Dune Sea’s self-titled album is a mind trip of psychedelics and Frank Herbert. This Norway band turns stoner rock into a mind … Read More ›

Flamingods on Selective Memory

Album Review: Flamingods – Levitation

Flamingods Levitation Moshi Moshi ★★★ Fusing psychedelic sounds with a mantra of meditative quality are two winning combinations that fuel Flamingods’ Levitation. Utilizing influences of disco, funk, and psychedelic music from ‘70s era Middle East and South Asia, there is an outer dimension to their indie prose. Add in a … Read More ›