Electrostatic Album Cover from Individual Totem

Individual Totem – Electrostatic

Individual Totem Electrostatic Artoffact ★★★★ There is a degree of romanticism within the bleakness that lies within Electrostatic’s cult-like requiem. The gothic industrial undertones lies within an underground foray of a sterile dance floor beats and corruptable lyrical power plays on morality. “My life is a nightmare, I’m burning in … Read More ›

Agent Side Grinder on Selective Memory

Agent Side Grinder – Hardware Review

Agent Side Grinder – Hardware (Artoffact) ★★★★★ Is this 2013 or 1983? Time is not Agent Side Grinder’s concern because to them, time is immaterial in the scope of their electronic alternative prowess. Wax Trax! changed the landscape of electronic music in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Incorporated within Meat Beat … Read More ›