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Individual Totem – Electrostatic

Individual Totem

There is a degree of romanticism within the bleakness that lies within Electrostatic’s cult-like requiem. The gothic industrial undertones lies within an underground foray of a sterile dance floor beats and corruptable lyrical power plays on morality.

“My life is a nightmare, I’m burning in hell. I’m dreaming of angels, but it doesn’t help.” This has to be one of the most affecting statements of epistemological philosophy I have heard in a lyric. On the song “Dreaming of Angels,” the line is done in ‘80s-style baritone that tears on the fabric of being succinct and ominous. An industrial daze surrounds the song, and, to me, it is a defining moment in the Electrostatic ritual.

The German industrialists came out of the science fiction release of Kyria 13 with an album that harnesses old school soundscapes like a haunting memory. The feel of smeared make-up and leather darkness pushing forward with turbulence “Perfect” is just that as an opener. A bridge between Kyria 13 and Electrostatic’s vision, the sci-fi sounds dissipate into an experimental dungeon. “Pure” sounds like Lab Report meets Nitzer Ebb, filled with a dank humidity until it explodes with concrete dance prowess and tension that extrapolates on the EBM powerhouse, “Enlighten Me.” “Beat” goes even further and screams Front 242 on caffeine.

I personally like their darker moments but overall Electrostatic is a satisfying adventure into the mystification of the past while pushing EBM culture forward.

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