Cevin Key

Cevin Key – Night Flower

“Night Flower” is released in advance of Cevin Key’s upcoming fifth solo album, Xwayxway Links: Preorder the album The Skinny Puppy founder guides us into 2021 with the hauntingly mesmerizing single, “Night Flower.” Key will release his fifth solo album via Artoffact Records on February 19. The song features Edward … Read More ›

The Ghost of Orion Album Cover by My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride Excels on The Ghost of Orion

My Dying Bride The Ghost of Orion Nuclear Blast Links: My Dying Bride | Nuclear Blast For My Dying Bride to release The Ghost of Orion is a testament to human perseverance. When they released Feel The Misery it quickly was prospected to be their last. Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe’s daughter, … Read More ›

Black is the Night Album Cover from The Damned

Album Review: The Damned

The Damned—Black Is The Night BMG Links: Official Site Hey man, what’s happening? It’s a new album by The Damned, that’s wott! It’s not really “new” per se. Black Is The Night is a definitive anthology that features over two hours of The Damned material that spans their career, beginning … Read More ›

Twist of Shadows Album Cover by Xymox

Xymox Gets Twist of Shadows Album Reissued

Pylon Records Re-issues One Of Xymox Seminal Releases Medusa is what turned Clan of Xymox into darkwave heroes. Yet, Twist of Shadows is what got the band mainstream attention. In 1989, the Holland group shaved its name down to Xymox and incorporated a more danceable and poppy element to their … Read More ›


Album Review: Vouna – Self Titled

Vouna Vouna Artemisia Records ★★★ Caught between the dark sub-surface of wailing goth funeral chants and sludgy death rock lies Vouna’s debut. An intro into the band’s pyre, this self-titled contains songs of sorrow and slow-burning intensity. Vocalist Yianna Bekris has carved out an underworld with her cries that fascinates … Read More ›

Infinite Games Album Cover from The Black Queen

The Black Queen – Infinite Games

The Black Queen Infinite Games Self Released ★★★★ Not since Depeche Mode has a band been able to capture pop wonderment within a dark and fragile contingent like The Black Queen has on Infinite Games. Coming from the City of Angels, the group uses loss and isolation to humanize their … Read More ›

Electrostatic Album Cover from Individual Totem

Individual Totem – Electrostatic

Individual Totem Electrostatic Artoffact ★★★★ There is a degree of romanticism within the bleakness that lies within Electrostatic’s cult-like requiem. The gothic industrial undertones lies within an underground foray of a sterile dance floor beats and corruptable lyrical power plays on morality. “My life is a nightmare, I’m burning in … Read More ›