Electrostatic Album Cover from Individual Totem

Individual Totem – Electrostatic

Individual Totem Electrostatic Artoffact ★★★★ There is a degree of romanticism within the bleakness that lies within Electrostatic’s cult-like requiem. The gothic industrial undertones lies within an underground foray of a sterile dance floor beats and corruptable lyrical power plays on morality. “My life is a nightmare, I’m burning in … Read More ›

Outtakes From Exile Album Cover by EMA

EMA – Outtakes From Exile

EMA Outtakes From Exile City Slang ★★★★ If you thought Erika M. Anderson’s Exile From The Outer Ring was a deep expanse, wait until you hear Outtakes From Exile. Not just formulated as a companion piece, although the EP is built to be that, there are some very rich tunes … Read More ›

Paradisse Lost

Turn off the Radio: Paradise Lost Re-Issues

Paradise Lost made albums that historically matter to the context of metal and The End reissues do these albums justice Re-Issues Released: Shades Of God Icon Draconian Times One Second Reflection Evolve  “Your talk is always contradiction.” You will not find a more punctual line from a Paradise Lost song. It … Read More ›