Infinite Games Album Cover from The Black Queen

The Black Queen – Infinite Games

The Black Queen
Infinite Games
Self Released

Not since Depeche Mode has a band been able to capture pop wonderment within a dark and fragile contingent like The Black Queen has on Infinite Games. Coming from the City of Angels, the group uses loss and isolation to humanize their synthwave experiences into a dark electronic orb.

“No Accusations” is the perfect blend between shimmering synth pop and lyrical deprecation, exploring the depths of temptation and guilt. And when you have Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, Puscifer, and Nine Inch Nails and Steven Alexander Ryan, technician for Nine Inch Nails, Kesha, and A Perfect Circle, it cannot be helped that Greg Puciato gives a nod to Reznor style vocal slithers and sky high choruses.

The once ringleader for the Dillinger Escape Plan is willing to go to the depths of human depravity and hyper sensitivity that borders between life and death. And in that aspect it makes Infinite Games that much more frightening and exciting, exposing the things that we as humans don’t normally want to explore in that capacity.

The Black Queen – Thrown Into the Dark

“Your Move” is a catalyst for “Lies About You.” The song builds a sinister quality of unearthly ambience. A haunting capacity, these songs leave you not knowing what Puciato’s mental state is in all of this. “Impossible Condition” is ethereal synthpop in all of its gorgeous glory. The musical programming lies somewhere between the Sheffield scene and the Hollywood Hills at night.

The more you dig into the context of this album, the more you realize that these three had to completely get out of their element to create something of this caliber. It is different from what they have done before, yet it feels so natural to their musical psyche. They can make a song like “Thrown Into the Dark” and turn it into the perfect electronic single. What this proves is that the disconnect between the past and present is blurred and Infinite Games shows the success in synths bridging timeframes. The further they escape from their past, the closer they will to get to making that five star album. Infinite Games is on its way.

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