Glastonbury Fayre Pyramid

Glastonbury Fayre: 1971 The True Spirit Of Glastonbury

Long overdue, Nicolas Roeg’s look into the beginnings of the Glastonbury Festival is preserved by Odeon Entertainment A woman walks through a muddy pathway, surrounded by the fixtures of an English countryside. Her hair is tossed about by the wind as if mother nature is casting a spell. Passing by … Read More ›

Love, Lust, and greed Album Cover by Great Grief

Album Review: Great Grief – Love, Lust, and Greed

Great Grief Love, Lust, and Greed No Sleep Records ★★★★ Refused is to Sweden as Great Grief is to Iceland. The reference is not pointing to the progressive and highly experimental Refused, but somewhere between Everlasting-era Refused and Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent-era Refused. Great Grief’s “Escaping Reykjavik” … Read More ›

Twist of Shadows Album Cover by Xymox

Xymox Gets Twist of Shadows Album Reissued

Pylon Records Re-issues One Of Xymox Seminal Releases Medusa is what turned Clan of Xymox into darkwave heroes. Yet, Twist of Shadows is what got the band mainstream attention. In 1989, the Holland group shaved its name down to Xymox and incorporated a more danceable and poppy element to their … Read More ›

Friendship Music Album Cover by Surfbort

Surfbort – Friendship Music (Cult Records)

Surfbort Friendship Music Cult Records ★★★★★ Friendship Music is perfect in its aggressiveness. Not since the early Black Flag days or L7’s litany of shredded social abrasiveness has there been a punk album as poignant as this. There is no passiveness when it comes to Surfbort’s songs. Even in their … Read More ›

Yawn Album Cover by Bill Ryder Jones

Album Review: Bill Ryder-Jones – Yawn

Bill Ryder-Jones Yawn Domino Records ★★★★★ Four albums into his career and Bill Ryder-Jones continues to amass a grand scale of talent with Yawn. Digging into this release is like walking into an empty cathedral and asking for understanding but realizing just how human everything is along the way. The … Read More ›


Album Review: Vouna – Self Titled

Vouna Vouna Artemisia Records ★★★ Caught between the dark sub-surface of wailing goth funeral chants and sludgy death rock lies Vouna’s debut. An intro into the band’s pyre, this self-titled contains songs of sorrow and slow-burning intensity. Vocalist Yianna Bekris has carved out an underworld with her cries that fascinates … Read More ›

Superfonica Album Cover by Arcadian Child

Album Review: Arcadian Child – Superfonica

Arcadian Child Superfonica Rogue Wave Records/Ripple Music ★★★★ There is a deep, immense trench of emotion flowing through the psychedelic overtones of Arcadian Child’s Superfonica. Instead of a burning flame of psychedelic wonderment, Arcadian Child gives you a premise of a glorious underworld crawling with dark fantasies and strange undercurrents. … Read More ›