Leftover Crack

Album Review: Leftöver Crack – Leftöver Leftöver Crack: The E-Sides and F-Sides

Leftöver Leftöver Crack
The E-Sides and F-Sides
Fat Wreck Chords

20 years after Leftöver Crack’s inception— born out of the demise of Choking Victim in 1998—it seems appropriate for Fat Wreck Chords to release an album filed with B-sides and rarities. Why leave these punk gems sitting around collecting dust when they could be on display?

It took years to compile these songs together in one glorious release. Songs from long out-of-print 7”s, mislaid tapes, to hidden recordings and two unreleased tracks now digitally available for public consumption. Plan to have your eyes clawed open for some of the best in the crust/ska scene.

Leftöver Crack – Rock the 40 oz

The New York City band has had a colorful past being banned at venues like The Knitting Factory and countries like Canada for certain members having a criminal record. They lost their drummer Brandon Possible when he died in 2004 putting the group on an indefinite hiatus. However, the group has re-acquainted themselves with the punk scene, currently preparing for a U.S. tour.

These rare nuggets are exactly what you want from this band. Speed, power, and fury all combine to torch religious belief on “Jesus Has A Place 4 Me.” Scott Sturgeon’s vocals are shredded from the screaming. No other way to put itZ—it’s angry.

Flipping the bird on social norms with a target on fascism, “…And Out Comes the N-Bomb,” a take on Rancid’s power ska/punk album ….And Out Comes the Wolves, the song is ska on speed while pushing a radical leftist position. They are synonymous with presenting both reality and being an advocate for change.

Leftöver Crack – Bedbugs & Beyond feat. Days N Daze and Kate Coysh

Attributed to the origin of their name, there are several songs that focus on drug culture. “Drug Song,” is reminiscent of colleagues Murphy’s Law and their stance on bongs and brews. Deepening their ska humor, the band pulls off a tasty version of Men At Work’s “Land Down Under” that surprisingly stays true to the original.

The band’s mantra lies in the finale, “Apple Pie and Police State,” focusing on an anti-capitalistic mentality through intrusive force of the police state. A song like this remains relevant to the current times. And just within the constraint of punk rock, it’s easy to bust some gnar with the wild ride that is Leftöver Crack.

The E-Sides and F-Sides provide a rich history of this New York punk band, succumbing to the idea that this is a collection of sloppy seconds, but stand alone relics that accentuate the vibrant history of New York punk and hardcore.

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