Transform Album Cover by Howard Jones

Album Review: Howard Jones – Transform

Howard Jones Transform Dtox/BFD/The Orchard ★★★★ For someone with the label synth pop pioneer, Howard Jones has never settled on just that. Constantly challenging himself and improving his capability of expressing the human condition through technology, Jones returns with the highly anticipated Transform. Jones talent in the studio is nothing … Read More ›

White Lies on Selective Memory

Album Review: White Lies – Five

White Lies Five [PIAS] Recordings ★★★★ When White Lies released the single for “Tokyo” before Five was to be released, it was like a confetti cannon going off. That song defines everything a single should be. It has that big ‘80s synth sound to go with lyrical content well out … Read More ›

Infinite Games Album Cover from The Black Queen

The Black Queen – Infinite Games

The Black Queen Infinite Games Self Released ★★★★ Not since Depeche Mode has a band been able to capture pop wonderment within a dark and fragile contingent like The Black Queen has on Infinite Games. Coming from the City of Angels, the group uses loss and isolation to humanize their … Read More ›