Cevin Key

Cevin Key – Night Flower

“Night Flower” is released in advance of Cevin Key’s upcoming fifth solo album, Xwayxway

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The Skinny Puppy founder guides us into 2021 with the hauntingly mesmerizing single, “Night Flower.” Key will release his fifth solo album via Artoffact Records on February 19. The song features Edward KaSpel from The Legendary Pink Garden and collaborator of Key’s band The Tear Garden. To have the two together, is like two ghosts warming a room of haunting ecstasy,

“It’s a statement based on many life experiences. It’s probably the closest I’ve felt to making an ‘old school’-style album, as far as just working alone and zeroing in on what means something to me. I guess they say you make music for yourself first. So in some ways this album may be my most personal.”

Cevin Key on Selective Memory

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